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Hi Tops LA + Lambda Basketball

Hey Lambda Fam,

We are excited to announce that we will be continuing our partnership with Hi Tops LA to present the Spring 2022 Hollywood League. Hi Tops LA is a gay and lesbian owned small business with two owners who are very passionate about supporting LGBTQ+ sports leagues because of their ability to bring people together on and off the court.

Hi Tops LA will the post game meet-up spot for the Spring 2022 Hollywood League where we as a league can meet and socialize with teammates, supporters and opponents off the court with a very impressive menu of food and spirits. Additionally, other LGBTQ+ sports leagues are also planning to have their post game meet-ups each Sunday so will also be able to socialize with players and supporters from other leagues as well. You can find more information about Hi Tops LA by visiting their website at

Our Spring 2022 Hollywood League Draft Party and Season Tip-off Party will take place on Saturday, February 19th from 1pm to 5pm. Our All Gender Division Draft will take place at 2pm followed by our Women's+ Division Draft at 3pm. We'll then share the teams and you will be able to meet your teammates who are in attendance!

Still thinking about joining our Spring 2022 Hollywood League (All Gender Division or Women's+ Division? If so, you can still take advantage of our early registration rate ($115) until this Friday 1/28 by using the discount code "earlybird" at the checkout of the following page:

Please feel free to email us at with any of your questions or comments!

Best Regards,

Lambda Basketball

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