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Spring 2023 West Hollywood League Teams & Schedule

Hey Lambda Fam,

Many thanks to all of you made it to our WeHo League's Combine and Draft; the energy, community and joy in the gym was AWESOME! We are looking forward to the tip off of our West Hollywood League this Sunday at 12:30pm and wanted to share with your Women's+ and All Gender division teams and Week 1 Schedule.

Women's+ Division Teams

Flight 23

Kids N Goats

Hoops, I did it again!

Aylin A. (C)

Lillian S. (C)

Daeja B. (C)

Annabelle M.

Alana S.

Andrea D.

Ashe M.

Alexandria S.

Dani D.

Bri B.

Brent P.

Emily H

Celine G.

Candace E.

Farrel M.

Emma H.

Christina D.

Kat E.

Izzy S.

Kap T.

Kathleen L.

Lindsey K.

Lena E.

Marissa M.

Marley F.

Melissa B.

Sade O.

Mo W.

Stella S.

Tanaya D.

Kobe Wan Kenobi

A Basketball Team

Seventh Draft Curry

Kayla W. (C)

Corey C. (C)

Christianna K.

Alex K.

Anchi H.

Brooke J.

Anh N.

Edweina A.

Eve B.

Gab G.

Julia H.

Grace A.

Gia B.

Megan M.

Jessica B.

Jeneen S.

Melody B.

Naida S.

Marianne K.

Nina G.

Rachel S.

Samantha G.

Nora M.

Rebecca C.

Tiffany Y.

Tanya T

Sarah P.

All Gender Division

Spice GIrls

Scotties Thotties

Cream Team

Everything, Everywhere. Just not on my face!

James S. (C)

Scott U. (C)

Jordan R. (C)

Ty M. (C)

Aaron B.

Eli A.

Adam P.

Cam H.

Conner N.

Elijah G.

Brendan M.

Elverick F.

Frank S.

Julius F.

Dave S.

Erwin B.

Mark F.

Kolin J.

Malik S.

Max F.

Michael W.

Matthew M.

Mikey S.

Reyes Z.

Mike K.

Patrick C.

Patrick C.

Trong N.

Shawn B.

Patrick N.

Sean G.

Troy L.

Tom W.

Nut'n Butt Net


Pullout & Shoot

Myan N. (C)

Xavier H. (C)

Kevin K. (C)

Charlie S.

Chris F.

Brian D.

Jeremiah F.

Danny R.

Chris K.

Joe B.

Russell C.

Eric R.

Kyle M.

Devon L.

Jimmy H.

Lex A.

Matt G.

Joshua R.

Octavio C.

Brian B.

Kobe C.

Thomas D.

Ethan R.

Terry L.

Zac W.

David M.

Week #1 Schedule

W+ Division on Court #1 (Left hand side of gym as you walk in)

12:30pm - Flight 23 vs. Kids & Goats

1:30pm - Hoops. I did it again! vs. Kobe Wan Kenobi

2:30pm - A Basketball Team vs. Seventh Draft Curry

All Gender Division on Court #2 (Right hand side of gym as you walk in)

12:30pm - Spice Girls vs. Scotties Thotties

1:30pm - Cream Team vs Nut'n Butt Net

2:30pm - Xmen vs. Everything. Everywhere. Just not on my face

Week #1 Bye - Pullout & Shoot

Note: The full schedule will be shared in the next couple of days via NerdBall

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