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Lambda Basketball organizes our Lambda Basketball League twice a year in the Spring and Fall with both a Women's+ division and an All Gender division with Competitive and Recreational subdivisions .  Each Lambda Basketball League last 10 weeks (includes regular season and playoffs) with teams being formed with a league draft.  We also host post league meet-ups throughout the season at LGBTQ+ owned bars and restaurants for players to socialize with teammates, opponents and supporters off of the court.

Lambda Basketball organizes Open Gyms throughout the week for players of all skill levels to attend and play.  Our Open Gyms are both social and competitive; and we currently offer courts for both our Women's+ and All Gender players.  All skill levels are welcome; and we encourage you to invite a friend to play or support you!

Players from Lambda Basketball have formed travel teams which compete in both national and international tournaments organized by the National Gay Basketball Association (NGBA) and the Federation of Gay Games.  These tournaments offer multiple divisions ranging from competitive to recreation and are organized in major cities across the United States and world.

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