Lambda Basketball was founded in 1990 by Mark Chambers, Martin Rodriguez and Thorn Edwards to give Los Angeles County's LGBTQ community and its allies a safe and inclusive place to play to the game of basketball. 


Lambda Basketball originally started off as a place for our first travel teams to practice for national tournaments, but these practices later turned regular and on going open gyms.  Leagues were eventually organized as participation in open gyms grew.  

Today, Lambda Basketball organizes league play two times a year and open gyms twice a week; and sends multiple teams to tournaments organized by the National Gay Basketball Association and Federation of Gay Games.


Lambda Basketball is an integrated and all-inclusive organization dedicated to providing the Los Angeles area LGBTQ community and its allies with a well-organized and friendly sporting environment.  We are committed to uniting athletes, communities and cultures on and off the court while promoting health education and community service.

Aaron Morris

BOARD MEMBER Since 2009 and player on the Hollywood Blindside travel team

Erwin Brion

BOARD MEMBER ​ Since 2018 and player on the LA/OC Nightmare travel team

Trong Nguyen

BOARD MEMBER  Since 2017 and player on the LA/OC Nightmare travel teams

Andrew Moran

BOARD MEMBER Since 2008 and player on the Los Angeles Evolution travel team

Jason Jaramillo

BOARD MEMBER Since 2008 and player on both the LA Metrostars and SoCal Jurassics travel teams

Cameron Hailey

BOARD MEMBER Since 2018 and player on the SoCal Jurassics travel team

Michiel Thomas

BOARD MEMBER  Since 2019

Ty Millard

BOARD MEMBER Since 2018 and player on the SoCal Jurassics travel teams

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