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Free Condoms -

  • LA Condom will mail 10 free condoms (regular or XL) to anyone who lives in Los Angeles County for free

Free HIV Testing in Los Angeles -

  • Find a clinic that will give you a free HIV test in your area

Find out if PrEP is for you -

  • PrEP is a pill you take daily that can help block the transfer of HIV if you are HIV negative

  • Find a clinic near you on this website and speak with medical staff to see if PrEP is for you

Los Angeles LGBTQ Center -

  • The Los Angeles LGBT Center is a provider of programs and services for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. The organization's work spans four categories, including health, social services, housing, and leadership and advocacy

  • Free HIV & STD/STI testing available as well

Long Beach LGBTQ

  • The Long Beach LGBTQ Center offers an array of services including support groups, workshops and seminars, youth services, free HIV & STI testing, legal assistance, domestic violence services, employment referrals, mental health counseling, cultural and social activities including the QFilm Festival, educational forums, and a thriving volunteer program with an active database of over 300 volunteers

The Recovery Village at Ridgefield

  • Addiction and support resources catered for the LGBTQ+ Community

One Degree

  • A very good resource website with organizations servicing those who are in need of assistance in one of the following categories: urgent services, food, housing, employment, family & household, health, money, legal and education

Financial and Social Resources for Homeless LGBTQ+ Youth -

  • Practical advice on how LGTBQ+ youth can navigate homelessness and find help

  • Information on housing and financial assistance at the national and state level.

  • Facts about the issue of LGTBQ+ youth homelessness to raise awareness of its how common it is and the impact of homelessness on young people. 

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles  -

  • An excellent website with information, tool kits and resources for the Black freedom struggle


Register to Vote in Los Angeles

  • Before you can vote in Los Angeles County, you must register to vote.

  • This is the first step in the voting process and you must be registered to vote at least 15 days prior to an election in order to vote in that election.

State of California Voting & Election Information and Resources -

  • Information on election dates, voters rights and resources for voting in the State of California

Find other LGBTQ Sports Leagues  -

  • Visit the the United States Gay Sports Network's website to find LGBTQ sports leagues throughout the country

Find Mental Health and Addiction Help  -

  • Resource page for mental health and addiction help for the LGBTQ community

Find a Covid Vaccination Appointment Near You -

  • Resource page for locating a Covid-19 vaccination appointment based on your location or zip code

American Addiction Center  -

  • Resource page members of the LGBTQ+ community seeking help with addiction

Monkeypox Information and Vaccination Locations in Los Angeles County  -

  • There is a link to schedule a free vaccination at sites across LA County

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