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The West Hollywood League

Lambda Basketball organizes our West Hollywood League twice a year in the Spring and Fall with a ten week season and teams selected via a league draft.  The leagues costs around $100 to $155 per player and we use a reversible jersey each season which can be purchased for $35 if one is needed.

We moved away from our previous co-ed division to create both an All Gender Division and a Women's+ Division to offer our LGBTQ+ community and its allies a sporting space that they would feel most comfortable in.

League Information:

  • All games are played at the West Hollywood Aquatic and Recreation Center (8750 El Tovar Pl, West Hollywood, CA 90069)

  • The league registration fee includes the cost of referee fees

  • Full league and player stats are kept and posted online via NerdBall

  • Game are played on Sunday afternoons or evenings followed by a League Meetup at a local LGBTQ+ owned restaurant or bar.

  • League teams are selected via a team draft at a league draft party

  • All skill levels are welcome

League Rules:

  • Games are 40 minutes long with two twenty (20) minute halves

  • All games are officiated by CIF high school or collegiate officials

  • Player Code of Conduct expectations can be found by clicking here

  • Our full list of League Rules can be found by clicking here

League Registration:

  • We offer discount codes for those who commit to registering early for the Hollywood League

  • You can now register for the Winter/Spring 2024 West Hollywood League by clicking on the following link


We build community and friendship around the game of basketball by organizing a safe and inclusive place to play basketball as well as league meet-ups off the court.


Every league has team and player stats tracked via the NerdBall website.  Players are able to track their own stats such as their Player Effectiveness Rating in addition to full team stats.

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Our Board of Directors select team captains from a pool of players who volunteer.  These captains then select their team at our league draft party ensuring everyone gets placed on a team


In addition to crowning our champions,  we also announce our league awards winners which are voted by the league and Board of Directors.  We also vote on fun mock awards such as "League Hottie" and "League Hack"


We organize post league game meet-ups at local LGBTQ+ bars or restaurants; and encourage all players to attend so they can socialize with teammates, opponents and supporters off of the court


Some of our players and supporters have opened up their homes to host pool parties and/or bbq's for players and league supporters to hang out off of the court.  Players and supporters have also organized hikes, bike rides, movie nights, trips to pro or college basketball game and nights out on the town.

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