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Lambda Basketball currently organizes Open Gyms twice a week ​in Long Beach and Hollywood.  Our Open Gyms are organized to allow players to play a maximum amount of games by having a running game clock and scoreboard.  We charge a $5 to $7 Open Gym fee and ask that players bring a reversible jersey or both a black and a white t-shirt to play in.

Players of all skill levels are welcome to attend our Open Gyms.


Our Long Beach Open Gyms are currently played on Thursday nights from 8pm to 10pm at the Alpert Jewish Community Center of Long Beach located at 3801 East Willow Street, Long Beach 90815.

Park in the Alpert JCC parking lot and let the security guard at the entrance know that you are with Jason Jaramillo's group in the basketball gym.

Click here to pay your Open Gym Fee: $5


Our Downtown Los Angeles Open Gyms are currently played on Friday nights from 7:30pm to 10pm at the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex located at 322 South Lucas Avenue, Los Angeles 90017.


The entrance to the basketball gym can be found a few steps east of the northeast corner of the intersection of West Third Street & Lucas Avenue.

Click here to pay your Open Gym Fee: $7


As of July 12th, 2019, we have moved our Hollywood Open Gym to Downtown Los Angeles which has two courts for us to play on allowing our players in attendance to play the maximum amount of games without sitting and long wait times.


Lambda Basketball will always have a designated Gym Monitor (Usually one of our Board Members) on-site to organize game play for the evening by managing the player sign-up sheet and verifying that all player Open Gym Fees ($5-$7) are paid.  Players who have not paid their gym fee will not be added to the player sign-up sheet.; all Open Gym fees cans be paid here on the Lambda Basketball Website by clicking on the "Pay Online" drop down under "Open Gym" on the website header.


Lambda Basketball understands that economic hardships occur, but it is up to the player to bring this up with our Board of Directors prior to our Open Gym night; this can be done so via e-mail (admin@lambdabasketball.com).

We ask that all players in attendance bring a reversible jersey or both a light colored shirt and a dark colored shirt to help keep games organized.

We use a sign-up sheet to keep track of who will be playing next and players play two games in a row then sign-up to ensure that all in attendance get a fair chance to play.  The only time where this rule is not in affect during the first game where the loser of the game has to sign-up.


  • Games are played to 11 minutes or 11 points; or 9 minutes or 9 points if there are more than 15 people in attendance - by 1s & 2s

  • If there is a tie at the end of 11 minutes or 9 minutes;  a sudden death overtime is played with 1 minute on the clock with the ball going to the team that had position last or did not shoot the ball last

  • Players call their own fouls - Respect the call and do not argue fouls!

  • Have fun, meet new people and grow friendships!


Have fun playing the game of basketball while making new friends and building friendships.


We keep a running game clock and scoreboard.  Score 11 points or score more points than your opponent in 11 minutes to win.


All skill levels and backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to participate.  We want you here whether your are a weekend warrior, former HS or college player, haven't played in a while or are new to the game.  Be who you are and enjoy our safe and welcoming sporting environment.