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Summer/Fall WeHo League | Week #1 Sun 8/13

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Hey Lambda Fam -

The league tip-off of our Summer/Fall 2023 West Hollywood League is this weekend and we are so excited to back in action. All of our games will be played at the West Hollywood Aquatics and Recreation Center (ARC) at West Hollywood Park. Below, you'll be able to find league rosters and game times for Week #1.

We are also excited to offer a player skill development session on Court #1 from 11:45pm to 12:30pm for all AG & W+ players who are interested.

See you at the gym!

Lambda Basketball


All Gender Division Rosters & Schedule

Rosters for AG Rec Division Team Dave S (C)

Adam P.

Connor N.


Eli A.

Johnny Sylva

Michael B.


Team Danny R (C)

David M.

Danny C.


Jeremy M.

Kevin P.


Matt G.

Team Jack M (C)

Chris G.

Chris K.

Ethan C.

Kyle M.

Malik S.

Terrence M.

Trong N.

Team Patrick N (C)


Brian B.



Jason K.

Matthew M.

Michael W.

Ryan W.

Competitive (Teams) Subdivision Teams:

1. Nightmare/Heat

2. Jurassics

3. Blindside

4. J’s on my Meat

5. The OFF-Season

Sunday 8/13 All Gender Division Schedule

12pm - Nightmare/Heat vs. Blindside

1pm - Jurassics vs. The OFF-Season

2pm - Team Dave vs. Team Jack

3pm - Team Danny vs. Team Patrick

Bye Week: J’s on my Meat

Note: All All Gender Division games will be played on Court #2 which is the court on the far right when you enter the gym. There will be a skill development session on Court #1 from 12pm to 1pm


Women's+ Division Rosters & Schedule

W+ Rosters

Team Alexandra H. (C)

Anh N.

Brent P.

Brooke J.

Farrell M.

Hadley N.

Kayla W.

Kristen B.

Natalie H.

Team Aylin A. (C)

Annabelle M.

Celina G.

Lindsey K.

Minou R.

Naida S.

Rebecca C.

Sondra G.

Team Christianna K. (C)

Allie S.

Grace A.

Kelsey M.

Marissa C.

Marissa M.

Melissa B.

Miranda F.

Team Dani D. (C)

Brianna B.

Candace E.

Daphna M.

Greta S.

Jessica B.

Kap T.

Megan M.

Team Leora J. (C)

Dylan S.

Julie & Erica

Kate G.

Mo W.

Molly S.

Sarah P.

Tanya T.

Toni K.

Team Lillian S. (C)

Ashley M.

Emily H.

Jeneen S.

Julia H.

Lena E.

Lillian S.

Silan F.

Stella S.

Sunday 8/13 Women's+ Division Schedule

11:45pm to 12:30pm - Skill Development Session

1pm - Team Alexandra vs. Team Dani

2pm - Team Aylin vs. Team Leora

3pm - Team Christianna vs. Team Lillian

Note: All Women's+ Division games will be played on Court #1 which is the court on the left hand side upon walking into the gym

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