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West Hollywood League Week #2 Schedule & Week #1 Results

Hey Lambda Fam,

Week #1 of our Fall 2022 West Hollywood League tipped off this weekend with Scott U. and Vince S. leading the House of Defense to a close victory over the Alphabet Mafia. Elijah G. had a standout game for the City Boyz leading them to victory past a high scoring effort of Kenny E. and Bi Week. W+ Division Player of the Week Julie S. helped 99 Problems but a Swish Ain't One add a W to the win/loss column with a one point win over 50 Shades of Play. Our 2pm All Gender division game saw the trio Alex H., James S. and Forrest S. each score double digits to lead their team to a win against the Honey Nut Queerios. Our 2pm W+ Division game saw Player of the Game and Team Captain Imani N. and Oldies But Goodies get their first win of the season against the LA Sky. All Gender Division Player of the Week Jeremiah F. had an impressive stat line that helped the Hot Mess Express earn a convincing win over the Vintage Hardwood. Mikey S. and Cam H. battled down to the wire of a close game, but Mikey S and Shawn Kemp's Kids locked down the Ghost of Bancroft on the last play of the game to escape with a one point win.

We were excited to see everyone hanging out in the gym this past weekend and we encourage you all to continue to hang out and build community and friendships. Our Board of Directors are planning on organizing a league picnic with a taco truck in the park during one of the upcoming weekends. We'll keep you posted on that. In the mean time, we encourage you all to continue to hang out, watch games and get to know players in both divisions.

Week #2

We will have league reversible jerseys for everyone who has yet to receive their jersey. Please plan to be at the gym a little earlier so you can pick-up your jersey and still have time to stretch and warm-up.

Week #2 Game Schedule

Court #1


Shoot around until 12:50pm


50 Shades of Play vs. Oldies But Goodies


99 Problems (BASAO) vs. LA Sky


Vintage Hardwood vs. Bi Week

Note: Court #1 is located closest to the stands to the far right of the gym entrance and the first team listed is the home team

Court #2


Honey Nut Queerios vs. Ghosts of Bancroft


House of Highlights vs. Shawn Kemp's Kids


House of Defense vs. Hot Mess Express


Alphabet Mafia vs. City Boyz

Note: Court #2 is located at the gym entrance and the first team listed is the home team

NERDBall Stats

Your time spent volunteering to do stats each game allows us to keep track of our player and league stats via Nerdball Stats. Our league stats and full schedule for the West Hollywood League will be available on Tuesday, September 19th at 6pm on the following links:

Women's+ Division:

All Gender Division:

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