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Hollywood League | Let's Get You Registered!

Lambda Fam,

Many thanks to all of you whom have already registered for our Spring 2022 Hollywood League presented by Hi Tops LA. We are excited to bring back our Hollywood League; and to now offer both the Women's+ and All Gender divisions for everyone in our community to select from. It's now time to get those of you have been putting off registering for the Hollywood League...REGISTERED!

You can register and find details for the Spring 2022 Hollywood League on the following link:

Discount code ($15 off): Hollywood

If you haven't already, we are encouraging you to share this email or the link for the Spring 2022 Hollywood League with your friends, teammates or anyone whom you feel would be interested in playing.

Please feel free to email us at with any questions!

Best Regards,

Lambda Basketball

PS. We understand that there are those in our community whom maybe experience some financial circumstances that may prevent them from adding our league registration fee to their budget. Please reach out to a board member directly or via email ( ASAP if there are financial circumstances preventing you from joining the Spring 2022 Hollywood League and we will share a program that will cover a portion or all of your registration fee!

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