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LAMBDA's March Madness Challenge | Fill out your Bracket!!!

Hey Lambda Fam,

Our favorite time of the year is here, March Madness! We hope you you take a moment to join our LAMBDA March Madness Challenge in filling out a Men's and/or Women's Bracket for a chance to test your college basketball knowledge against others from our Lambda Family. Everyone (players, supporters, allies, friends, family, players from other leagues, etc.) is welcome to join the LAMBDA March Madness Challenge!

Is South Carolina going to win it all again on the Women's side? You can let us know by clicking here to fill out your women's bracket.

Do you think Gradey "Suck in the D" Dick can lead Kansas to a championship? You can let us know by clicking here to fill out your men's bracket.



Please take a moment to register for our upcoming Spring 2023 West Hollywood League by clicking here.


We also expect to have our permit finalized with Bancroft MS any day now which will allow us to once again have our Hollywood Open Gyms (AG on Thursday nights and W+ on Friday nights). Visit to see our upcoming Open Gym dates!-

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